June 1, 2023

A New Lease on Life

MagicalGSH LLC Executive Summary: Our mission is to enlighten everyone on the encompassing importance of endogenous (to be produced within your body) glutathione enhancement to one’s health, wellness, and longevity based on science. Our proprietary scientific breakthrough discovery, Riboceine is the best for endogenous glutathione enhancement with currently 57 research studies. No supplement is required to get FDA approval, but we must adhere to their disclaimer that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Youth is Wasted on the Young 

by Yosh Nakano

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I applied for life insurance in 1999. I immediately changed my diet and started taking medication regularly to regulate my sugar. Despite my changes, my health and well-being slowly declined until 2010. I was a professional poker player, but I would miss things that made me less competitive. I had arthritis in my knees and when Jerry Buss told me there was no cure, I started thinking I should consider moving to a single story house. I told my endocrinologist that I was experiencing severe pain in my feet (neuropathy I later found out). He told me that, “diabetes is a progressive disease; there is no cure; always keep your feet covered.” I read that neuropathy leads to the loss of feeling and you can cut your feet and not know it, hence the reason for keeping your feet covered. My doctor wasn’t particularly good at explaining things to me. Doing nothing wasn’t satisfactory for me so I would get excruciatingly painful foot massages every few months. I would twist and squirm and tears would flow as my face grimaced from the pain. If torture was going to be worse than this, I decided I would spare myself the pain and just give up whatever information they wanted. It’s 2010 and my triplets are only 10 years old. We had just gone through the housing market collapse and the value of my house dropped by half. Horror stories were in the news such as the father in an upscale neighborhood that had lost everything and went home to murder his 2 children and wife before killing himself. It’s cowardly and unforgivable to deny his children their opportunity to make a life for themselves just because he was giving up. Quitting has never been in my mind-set so despite my health problems, I knew I would just have to man up and find a way. In the spring of 2010, Scott Momii who was one of the founders of Cellgevity Inc. along with Dr. Scott Nagasawa and Herbert T. Nagasawa PhD. told me that Max International, who had bought out our company, was going to launch MaxOne in October of that year. I had invested in the company a few years earlier, but I had no idea what it did. I remember during the presentation; it was all I could do to stay awake much less understand it. It sounded like Greek. My good friend Stephen Wolff said it sounded like a good idea to invest, so we did. I now asked Scott, what the product did? He said it increases your glutathione, which now I had to ask him to write it down. I remember saying it over and over to remember it. I immediately googled glutathione and the amount of information was unbelievable. Through surfing, I discovered that diabetes was caused by glutathione deficiency. I also saw that glutathione deficiency increased around the age of 40. Lifestyle also depleted glutathione levels. I didn’t smoke but I was very guilty of alcohol consumption and drinking gobs of coffee. Sleep deprivation was also a major cause of glutathione depletion. Those long poker sessions, sometimes lasting as long as 7 days was now officially bad for my health. 3 days was normal. Looking back, I could have been pre-diabetic in my late 30’s

MaxOne is Released

When MaxOne was released in the fall of 2010, I immediately ordered it. It’s benefits were not immediately discernable. I noticed the 1st significant improvement after about 3 months. I remarked to my masseuse that my feet didn’t seem to hurt as much. She said she noticed the same thing. 2 months and still to this day 13 years later, no pain in my feet. It doesn’t help once the nerves are deadened, because a friend of mine who was also a diabetic tried it to no avail. He never recovered any feeling in his feet. The only other thing I could say was I felt well. About Thanksgiving or so, I asked my parents if they noticed any benefits. My mother said my knees don’t hurt any more. It doesn’t help with bruises, so I asked my mother what she meant. She said the inside of her knees no longer hurt walking up and down the stairs. I thought why that’s arthritis and I have arthritis! I stood up and sat back down and didn’t feel any pain. I rushed over to the stairs and excitedly walked up and down. When Jerry Buss told me there was no cure for arthritis, he meant there was no drug or surgical solution. Neutraceuticals help at the cellular level. My memory and mental acuity have improved, and I’m went back to being a competitive poker player again. I still play poker for a living and sometimes the nature of the beast is that it requires longer hours than I would like and from time to time, I still drink although I keep it to beer and sake. However, I exercise regularly and eat healthily. When I saw my doctor a few months ago, he said he was impressed by my bloodwork numbers. I told him it was because of Cellgevity which I had switched to upon its release a year after MaxOne, but he still doesn’t get it.

Other Health Improvements

Around the early 2000’s in the winter months, I developed what I thought may have been bronchitis. I went to a clinic to see a doctor. He said he thought it was an allergy but gave me a 10 day course of antibiotics “just in case it wasn’t”. I took the entire regimen, but it still took 2-3 weeks for it to clear up the build-up of phlegm and coughing it up. The following year, at about the same time of year, the same symptoms showed up and I went to the same clinic but saw a different doctor. He made the same diagnosis and the same treatment. I took the entire course of antibiotics for 10 days and again it took about 2-3 weeks to clear up. The following year, I couldn’t make it to the clinic and let the condition run its course. In 2 weeks, it cleared up. This allergic condition continued every winter and cleared up on its own in a couple of weeks. The 1st winter after I had started taking MaxOne, the allergy came back but it was less severe and cleared up in about 10 days. I became hopeful that it would eventually solve the problem. It did lessen every year until it was down to only a couple of days. In the winter of 2019-2020, the allergy never came, and I thought I was over it. I used to always have Zyrtec in case I had an allergy attack. It has lessened until for the last several years, I still carry one but might use it once a year and usually around a house that has cats. FDA Website My hair is softer, and my complexion is better. Glutathione is promoted as a skin whitener in the Philippines based on a research paper out of Thailand, but it was never peer-reviewed. There is no scientific validation for this claim. The most amazing fact is that I quit taking the annual flu vaccine as I never got sick, even the common cold.

The Pandemic

I thought our watershed opportunity was the advent of the pandemic. At the end of February data was released on the death rate’s correlation to age, I noticed that it also correlated to glutathione deficiency:

Why Enhance Your Immune System | Magical GSH

I entertained the thought of going to Wuhan to show the effectiveness of glutathione enhancement against viruses but that thought became moot when all flights to China were canceled. When the mandate came to shelter in place, most of the home poker games continued. I continued to play. I wore a mask, but I thought there was the possibility that I was immune. In early May, I started to experience my annual allergy condition. It starts out with a tickle down in my throat. Then I develop a cough and phlegm builds down in the mucous area. I thought I was wrong about being over my allergy condition. I also had a chill and muscle ache much like flu, so I bundled up and went to sleep. I felt fine the next morning but to err on the side of caution I decided to get a Covid-19 test. It was just a short drive up to Dodger Stadium and appointment were easily made online for the next day. I thought about going to play but I felt tired that evening and went to sleep early. The next evening after I took my test, again I was too tired at night to go out. When I received my positive results the next day, I was glad I hadn’t gone out the previous 2 nights, but I realized that fatigue was one of the symptoms. I did wake up feeling fine every morning but then fatigue set in after 5-6 hours. The only other symptom was that everything tasted salty. I tried to eat a sardine and it tasted like a spoonful of salt.

After my quarantine period was over, I was forwarded the peer-reviewed article “Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in Covid-19 Patients” which was published at the end of May 2023 and validating my theory.

It can be complex, so I condensed and editorialized it:

Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione | Magical GSH

A competitor released good news in a clinical trial: Clinical Trial Shows the Benefits of Endogenous Glutathione Enhancement | Magical GSH


The key to glutathione enhancement is that it must be produced by your body to be effective which is what endogenous means. Am I drawing dead trying to teach that word? For the body to produce glutathione, cysteine, the rate-limiting component must be delivered into the body which n-acetylcysteine (NAC) and Riboceine are able to do. Riboceine is 300% more effective than NAC based on a direct comparison.

Antibody Tests

2 weeks after the end of my quarantine period, I had my antibody levels measured and I continued it every 3 months. It slowly decreased. When the vaccine first became available, I resisted until I had to get it to attend the World Series of Poker (WSOP). My level was about 750 before the vaccine. After the vaccine, my levels were at 25,000 which is the maximum level that they measure. It stayed that way for at least the next 6 months.

Based on data I gathered, I found that high levels of glutathione especially those provided by Cellgevity increased antibody levels significantly: The Relationship of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies of Survivors and Vaccination and Glutathione (GSH) | Magical GSH

The Future

I have no doubt that Riboceine is vital to one’s health, wellness, and longevity. I will continue to be involved in many projects, but I know my life mission is to educate people on the importance of endogenous glutathione enhancement. In this topsy-turvy world, I have clarity.