In a saturated glutathione market of many worthless products and unsubstantiated claims, our goal is to enlighten the world to the importance of endogenous glutathione enhancement and the superior science of Riboceine. Endogenous means something that is produced within the cells. Oral, subliminal, and IV glutathione are exogenous. The first 2 are not even bioavailable. Initially formed in April 2011 as IPPA-Max LLC to distribute Max International LLC products, the company’s name was changed to the more appropriate MagicalGSH LLC in 2016. The company created additional brands for their respective markets. Because glutathione is also your body’s primary detoxification pathway, www.AlcoholGSH.com focuses on those who choose to imbibe. Other markets include but are not limited to www.ChinaGSH.com, www.MexicoGSH.com, www.JapanGSH.com, & www.KoreaGSH.com.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Riboceine is our proprietary scientific breakthrough discovery that is the most effective and efficient supplement for enhancing glutathione (GSH) production.  Riboceine enables the delivery of the rate-limiting cysteine to the cell, enabling the production of endogenous glutathione.  It is 300% more effective than n-acetylcysteine (NAC) without the side-effects associate with more than 750 mg.  It is the primary ingredient in MaxOne and Cellgevity and powers MaxATP and Meta-Switch.





Yosh Nakano, Founder & President

Yosh is a world-class poker player, entrepreneur, high-stakes poker host, and has been in management as the general manager of the Hustler Casino. He formed and managed a casino banking company and an online poker site. He has owned 3 restaurants, the last being Yosh’s Sushi in the Bicycle Casino.

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1999, his health and skills steadily declined until 2010. In October of 2010, Max International launched MaxOne using the technology of Herbert T Nagasawa PhD into which Yosh had invested a couple of years previously. Experiencing first- hand the benefits of glutathione enhancement, Yosh launched a distribution company called IPPA-Max LLC, a hybrid of his poker television company. He coined the tagline A Brand New World! because he envisioned that glutathione enhancement was the future.

In 2016, the name of the company was changed to MagicalGSH LLC and other websites were created for different markets.

David Needham PhD, Science Board

Duke University Professor in the Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences; Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Associate Professor, Center for Bioinspired materials, and material Systems, Center for Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering, and the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Representative Publications

  • Alvarez-Paino, M; Amer, MH; Nasir, A; Cuzzucoli Crucitti, V; Thorpe, J; Burroughs, L; Needham, D; Denning, C; Alexander, MR; Alexander, C; Rose, FRAJ, Polymer Microparticles with Defined Surface Chemistry and Topography Mediate the Formation of Stem Cell Aggregates and Cardiomyocyte Function., Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol 11 no. 38 (2019), pp. 34560-34574 [10.1021/acsami.9b04769] [abs].
  • Munk, MB; Utoft, A; Larsen, FH; Needham, D; Risbo, J, Oleogelating properties of ethylcellulose in oil-in-water emulsions: The impact of emulsification methods studied by 13C MAS NMR, surface tension and micropipette manipulation studies, Food Hydrocolloids, vol 89 (2019), pp. 700-706  [10.1016/j.foodhyd.2018.11.019] [abs].
  • Pipó-Ollé, E; Walke, P; Notabi, MK; El-Houri, RB; Østergaard Andersen, M; Needham, D; Arnspang, EC, Uptake of New Lipid-coated Nanoparticles Containing Falcarindiol by Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells., Journal of Visualized Experiments : Jove no. 144 (2019) [10.3791/59094] [abs].
  • Needham, D; Kinoshita, K; Utoft, A, Micro-Surface and -Interfacial Tensions Measured Using the Micropipette Technique: Applications in Ultrasound-Microbubbles, Oil-Recovery, Lung-Surfactants, Nanoprecipitation, and Microfluidics., Micromachines, vol 10 no. 2 (2019) [10.3390/mi10020105] [abs]

Max International Scientific and Medical Board

Herbert T.Nagasawa, PH.D

45 years of professional and research.

Dr. Don Colbert

Dr. Don Colbert on why Cellgevity is the best Glutathione supplement available & explains ingredients

"If I can get them to boost their glutathione through this very elegant and natural means, I am totally convinced that we will do good things for people going forward."

Dr. Douglas S. Harrington

Chuck & Gena Norris- Max Ambassadors

Chuck & Gena Norris on Glutathione (GSH) Enhancement & Weight Loss


With over 160,000 studies and articles on glutathione in PubMed, the electronic database maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, its benefits and functions are inarguable. These studies reveal the remarkable role glutathione plays in the protection and function of every cell in the human body and the support of optimal health and function.

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