April 24, 2021

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TheRelationship of SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies of Survivors and Vaccination and Glutathione (GSH)

I. Unvaccinated Survivors, No Riboceine
1. Covid-Survivor from Mar. 2020, this very healthy 40yr. old female w no fat’s antibodies have either &/or dissipated or lack the glutathione levels for antibody production.
2. 51 yr. old Covid-19 Survivor since June 2020 has maintained a sufficient antibody level. His weight is good & did take Riboceine for a couple of months early this summer.

3. This 20 yr. old female is in excellent shape & healthy. Although a Covid-19 Survivor since only spring 2021, her antibody level is not very high.

4. A 35 yr. old female Covid-19 Survivor since early 2021, she has a weight problem.


II. Vaccinated, No Riboceine

5. 70 yr. old male has been fully vaccinated, but his Antibody test is negative. He suffers from severe deficiency due to his age exacerbated by a lifetime of heavy smoking. He’s on a daily regimen of double the daily dose of Riboceine before he gets vaccinated again.

6. 63 yr. old male is not in good health but under a strict doctor’s regimen that precludes supplements.

7. 60 yr. old male is in good shape & very healthy. His PULS risk factor is 5%.

8. 73 yr. old male is very overweight & not in good health. His PULS risk factor is over 60% which means he is a heart attack waiting to happen.

9. 55 yr. old female cancer survivor weight is reasonable & has a healthy diet.%.

10. 43 yr. old female is in very good shape & healthy. Her diet includes many vegetables.

11. 21 yr. old female is in very good shape & healthy. Stays away from junk food & eats healthy.

12. 26 yr. old female is in excellent shape without any fat. Very lean diet high in vegetables.

13. 25 yr. old female has a very lean body & is in great health. Her diet is very lean & primarily vegetables.

14. 47 yr. old male is at 1st glance appears to be an anomaly. He is very overweight & unhealthy. For his gout, he takes allopurinol. This drug contains maize which is high in glutathione hence still the link.

III. Vaccinated, Riboceine User

15. 81 yr. old female has been using Riboceine for 7-8 years daily. Her relatively low antibody levels suggest that she has low levels of glutathione so she is taking double the daily dosage before getting her booster shot. She is overweight & has health issues caused by shingles.es.

16. 84 yr. old is in good condition. He’s been taking Riboceine for several months.

17. 37 yr. old male is in good shape & health. He has been taking Riboceine for several months prior to antibody test

18. This is a 60 yr old male in very good shape & health. He has been taking Riboceine regularly since just after the start of the pandemic in spring 2020.

19. 34 yr. old female is slightly overweight but in good health has been taking Riboceine for a few months.

20. 46 yr. old male is relatively healthy but slightly overweight. He has been taking Riboceine for almost 2 years.

21. 65 yr. old that is in excellent health & shape. His PULS risk factor is less than 5%. He has been taking Riboceine daily since 2010.

22. 65 yr. old male is old for his age. He had Covid-19 in early 2021 & took his vaccines. He was taking taking Riboceine intermittently & then only half doses. This suggests taking the recommended daily dose is needed for effectiveness.

23. He ran out of Riboceine for 2 weeks before this 2nd test & now his antibody level has declined by over 50%. He plans to double his dosage for a month before getting his booster shot.

IV. Covid-19 Survivor Before & After Vaccination, Riboceine User

24. 51 yr. old contracted Covid-19 in Dec. 2020. This is his natural antibody test.

24. His antibody levels went up significantly after vaccination. He has been taking Riboceine for several years but missed doses here & there

25. 64 yr. old contract Covid-19 in May 2020 with 1 day of minor symptoms. As a daily Riboceine user since Oct. 2010, this was his 1st illness since then. Although waking up fine every morning after 5-6 hours fatigue set in during the quarantine period. Almost a year after the illness, his antibody levels were higher than many of those vaccinated.

25. Taking the Pfizer vaccines, his antibody levels are off the chart since measuring is stop once 25,000 is reached.


A. Natural antibody levels are lower than the 500 minimum that a London medical laboratory recommends for the booster shot.

B. Vaccinated antibody levels are in the hundreds except for those that have higher glutathione levels due to younger age, diet high in vegetables or a drug (allopurinol) that contains glutathione.

“Eat These Foods to Increase Glutathione in Your Body”

C. Higher levels of glutathione (GSH) are linked to higher levels of antibodies as it is needed to produce interferons and interleukins, the proteins used for the production of antibodies:

Regulation of LPS induced IL-12 production by IFN-γ and IL-4 through intracellular glutathione status in human alveolar macrophages

Role of Glutathione in Macrophage Activation: Effect of Cellular Glutathione Depletion on Nitrite Production and Leishmanicidal Activity – ScienceDirect

IFN‐γ and pro‐inflammatory cytokine production by antigen‐presenting cells is dictated by intracellular thiol redox status regulated by oxygen tension – Murata – 2002 – European Journal of Immunology – Wiley Online Library

D. Riboceine users generally have significantly higher levels of antibodies validating that it is the most effective and efficient technology for endogenous glutathione enhancement.

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E. Significant increases in the production of Covid-19 antibodies is another benefit to the peer-reviewed article “Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in Covid-19 Patients”.


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